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If you were injured in any type of accident in New York State, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney who can provide you with assistance in assembling a case.
Richard E. Noll has been representing clients since 1993. He prides himself in always being more prepared than his adversary. It is his firm belief that a plaintiff’s attorney must first be honest with the client in the assessment of the case. Once it is determined that the client has a viable claim, then it is necessary to be creative and tenacious in his representation.

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Introduction This privacy statement applies to information collected through this Site and it does not apply to information that we collect through other means (e.g., other websites or other methods such as telephone calls), or to information collected on any other company or third-party site regardless of whether such site links to or is accessible …

Verdicts & Settlements

$3 Million in Fall from Ladder $3,000,000 in Fall From Ladder in Westchester County: Plaintiff was an HVAC worker who fell from an interior, wall mounted ladder that lead to a roof hatch in a refrigerated warehouse. The ladder did not have a safety cage. As plaintiff climbed the ladder his hand struck an unknown …

Suzanne Bidart

My role at the Noll Law Firm is to gather, review, and assess medical documentation attached to every client. We strive to ascertain and understand the fundamental aspects of client’s medical history and injuries sustained to support each of our client’s cases. Prior to joining the Noll Law Firm, I spent many years working as …

What Should I Do After Being Bit By A Dog in Suffolk County?

You should immediately ask the dog’s owner if their pet is licensed, in order to track to dog’s health and bite history You may also ask the owner if the dog has a history of biting any other individuals It is important to determine who the dog’s veterinarian is to verify that you are not at risk …

Can I Sue The Owner Of the Dog that Bite Me in Long Island?

It is difficult to succeed in prosecuting a Case for Injuries against the Owner of a Dog You need to be able to prove that the owner knew of the dog’s violent propensities Your Case will probably fail, if you cannot prove that the dog has a History of Violence Witnesses can help you establish a …

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