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5 Ways to Be One Step Ahead in Your Personal Injury Case

    Tips for Getting the Best Injury Settlement
    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that around 30 million people are seen at the emergency room each year due to unintentional accidents and injuries. No doubt, a lot of people are injured in auto accidents, slip and falls, workplace accidents, and so forth. For those who choose to pursue compensation for their injuries, the results can vary wildly, depending on the state in which the person was injured, the insurance coverage available, whether they choose to hire an attorney, and the severity of their injuries. Some states are more favorable to plaintiffs, and others have statutory limits on how much a plaintiff can recover. While there are a lot of things a person really can not change, such as where they were hurt or how, there are several key things a person can do to maximize his or her chance of recovering a fair amount of money for injuries.

    1. Get Medical Care and Follow Doctor’s Orders
    If you are injured in a car accident, get medical care right away. If it is a severe crash, go to the hospital. If you genuinely feel comfortable not going to the hospital, you should at least make an urgent appointment to see your personal physician for an appointment. Explain your symptoms, the collision, and follow your doctor’s recommendations carefully.

    2. Photograph Everything
    If you are able to take pictures of the crash scene, your vehicle, and the other vehicles involved, go ahead and do so. If not and someone you know is with you, ask them to take pictures. Obviously, if you are being taken away by stretcher, this is not practical. Otherwise, at a minimum, make a mental note of as many details as possible. What direction were you heading? How were you hit? What did the other driver look like, and what was he or she doing?

    3. Talk to a Lawyer Before Anyone Else
    Even the best accident lawyers will have a tough time getting you a decent settlement if you admitted to feeling fine a week after the wreck and then gave a recorded statement in which you told the insurance adjuster you felt a little guilty and may have even been at fault. You would be amazed at how many people make the mistake of trusting insurance adjusters, even to their own peril. Talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer first. This protects you from accidentally saying something that can later be used against you.

    4. Maintain Communication with Your Lawyer
    Nothing frustrates an attorney more than having a great personal injury case and wanting to really help a client who deserve the help, but not being able to locate that person. Because personal injury cases often take a long time to resolve, it is common for injured clients to relocate or change numbers without remembering to let the attorney know. If you move or change numbers, let your lawyer’s office know.

    5. Never Lie to Your Lawyer
    All cases, even the strongest ones, have weaknesses. Perhaps you looked down for a moment while going through an intersection. Maybe you had a beer three hours earlier. Or, perhaps you had back surgery just a year before the crash. Your personal injury attorney needs to know these things. Usually your injury lawyer can work to minimize the damage of negative facts. But if you do not mention them, it is like sending a soldier into war without the proper equipment. Misrepresenting facts or trying to hide important information from your attorney will not only hurt your case, but it can very likely make the attorney withdraw from representing you. Remember, honesty really is the best policy, especially when talking to a personal injury lawyer.

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