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Carriers Keep Away!

    After you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you might very well receive a friendly phone call from the liability insurance carrier (the carrier that covers the individual or entity that caused your injury). The voice on the other end of the phone undoubtedly will be pleasant, understanding, and eager to help you. Do not be fooled. The only interest that insurance carrier has is to protect its OWN interests, not yours.

    I always tell my clients, the insurance carrier is not on your side. Their only “responsibility” is to minimize the chance that you will sue – nothing more. They and their representatives work tirelessly to avoid risks and avoid paying out damages to those who have been victims of negligence. Insurance carriers will go to great lengths to prevent you from seeking compensation; and then once you proceed with a lawsuit, they will seek to prove you are not seriously injured.

    Time and time again, liability carriers will press you for information that they can eventually use against you in court. They might ask you for something in writing or to sign a release. Never do it. Ever. Always seek experienced counsel, and let him or her handle the
    insurance carrier. Your attorney can protect you from yourself; from saying or doing something that the insurance carrier can twist to their own advantage.

    The fact that you must be on your guard after you’ve been seriously injured is unfortunate, but it also is true. Remember, you need to focus on recovering. Let your attorney handle the rest.

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