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Concerns About The COVID Delta Variant

    Just as things appeared to be getting better, and as if we would conquer this devastating virus, yet another variant is threatening to derail all of the progress we’ve made. And while it is not a surprise to scientists that the virus mutated (they always do), it is a surprise that a larger portion of the population has not been vaccinated.

    Unfortunately, today, the Delta variant is the most dominant form of Covid-19 in the United States, and is ravaging through communities, most in the South and Midwest, with large populations of unvaccinated people. Scientists have said that Delta is 80% more contagious than the original virus, and the for the first time, young people are suffering extreme disease. Fortunately, over 85% of elderly Americans have had at least one dose of the available vaccinations.

    Much Is Still Unknown

    So far, research is inconclusive about whether the Delta variant is a more severe form of the disease. Scientists have observed that some of the symptoms may be different. However, those with absolutely no immunity to Covid are highly susceptible to catching it, and worse, spreading it to others. Studies have shown that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine still remains at least 88% effective against symptomatic disease and 96% effective at avoiding hospitalizations. The Moderna vaccine is similar. The jury is still out on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but the company maintains that their vaccine remains strong.

    The Unvaccinated Are At Greatest Risk

    Especially in communities where there is resistance to mitigation measures such as mask wearing and social distancing, vaccine hesitancy has been wide-spread, mostly among younger populations. A study from the UK highlighted how children and people under 50 were two times more likely to become infected with the Delta variant. For the first time in months, hospitalizations are on the rise. And although, statistically, most people can overcome Covid, there are many who suffer long-term debilitating effects.

    More and more children under 12 years old are getting the Covid-19 Delta variant, likely from unvaccinated adults in their households. This likely will complicate the coming school year, as many believed that the fall would see a return to normal. Sadly, we may have a “new normal” to contend with.

    Vaccinations Protect You

    There is no such thing as a vaccination that protects you 100%. However, these vaccines come pretty close to full protection, and are all we really have to rid us of this virus. To protect yourself, your unvaccinated children, and your loved ones who may have weaker immune systems, the prudent thing is to get the vaccination. Let’s send this disease packing.

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