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Construction Accidents in NYC

    Accidents on the job happen, at construction sites they seem to occur more frequently then other industries with construction holding the highest rate of workplace fatalities.

    NYC Construction workers are not only just more likely to be killed on the job but also face severe or life threatening injuries based on New York having one the most hazardous work environments. 2018 marked a 13% increase in construction worker accidents from the year prior in NYC.

    While there are numerous preventative policies in place to protect construction workers, accidents on the work site are inevitable.

    Fatal Four: Most common Construction Accidents accounts for over 60% of all deaths.
    -Falls: Often working from high places such as rooftops, scaffoldings and ladders, falling is the leading cause for injury amongst construction workers. From slipping to tripping, falls caused 40 percent of all deaths on construction sites according to OSHA

    -Struck by Object: Construction sites contain various tools and objects that can cause injury, from being struck by a moving vehicle or even falling objects and tools. Even with the proper protective gear being stuck by an object can lead to brain and spinal injuries and even impalements

    -Electrocution: Even when construction of a building is almost completed, unfinished electrical work poses a threat to the safety of the workers on the site. While electrical burns and injuries are the most difficult and expensive injuries to treat they often lead to a risk of fatal infections. The risk of electrocution on a construction site is higher then anywhere else due to workers’ proximity to open electrical wiring

    -Caught Between Objects: Being trapped underneath a fallen structure, malfunctioning equipment, and primarily based upon the site lacking a protective system

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