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Do I Have A Case?

    Just like it is sometimes difficult to determine when you have suffered a serious, permanent injury, it sometimes can be difficult to determine whether you have not. That is because any type of accident, whether on the road or walking down the block, can, at that moment, frighten you. And, even if you just have some minor lacerations and bruising, fear and anxiety can make your injury seem far worse than it actually is.

    So again, after you’ve been injured in any kind of accident, it is crucial that you are examined by a doctor. Knowing the full extent of your injury will determine treatment, and, if you are not seriously hurt, will give you peace of mind. If your doctor finds no permanent damage, and your injury is temporary, you likely will not need any further treatment.

    Of course, that would mean you probably do not need to retain a personal injury attorney, either. No knowledgeable, ethical personal injury attorney would ever move ahead with a lawsuit unless a client was seriously and/or permanently injured.

    In the event that you have suffered a serious, permanent injury, you may be entitled to compensation which will be provided by the insurance carrier of the individual or entity responsible for the accident.

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