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Epilepsy As A Result Of Brain Trauma

    Unfortunately, brain trauma from accidents is a major cause of epilepsy. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, football games, any of these can be the culprit. Both seizures that occur immediately after brain trauma and those that occur much later (well after one week) can result in the condition being ongoing, but the earlier treatment begins, the better. Seizures that occur up to one week after injury often may resolve, while those that occur much later tend to result in the recurrent condition known as epilepsy.

    Generally, the more severe the head trauma, the more likely it is the individual could be left with epilepsy (Post-traumatic Epilepsy); when the injury is so severe as to cause bleeding, fractures or comas. Diagnostic testing of the brain is not always reliable in determining the precise cause, however. But coupled with the evidence of a serious accident and injury to the head, doctors can be fairly certain of the origin.

    Most people think they know what an epileptic seizure looks like – someone shaking, then falling to the ground. However, epileptic symptoms actually begin with abnormal eye movements or staring, head shaking, and a general unresponsiveness to stimuli. Most often, the best thing to do when you see someone having a seizure is to clear the space around him, try to cushion his head, and call for medical assistance.

    Epilepsy can be well controlled with medications such as Phenobarbital and Topiramate, but in most cases in New York, people with the disorder must wait one year without a seizure to drive a motor vehicle. When an individual has seizures that cannot be well controlled by medication, doctors will recommend extensive testing and monitoring.

    As with all disorders from head injuries, epilepsy is invisible until it’s not. In fact, an individual that has suffered a severe head trauma probably should be regularly checked for symptoms years after the injury because Pot-traumatic epilepsy can occur years later.

    Yes, This Really Happened – Shooting Victims Sued By Las Vegas Hotel
    In what amounts to an attempt to thwart lawsuits by individuals who were shot at during the Las Vegas massacre, MGM Resorts, owner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel where a domestic terrorist wounded 500 people and killed 58, is suing the victims of the attack.

    While they are not suing for money, they are suing to prevent the victims from suing them, first. The hotel does not want to be held liable for what could be called the worst mass shooting in our modern history.

    Not wanting to appear cynical, MGM Resorts said it only is suing those shooting victims that have already sued them, or plan to sue. I suppose that’s something. We shall see how this all pans out in court.

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