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Construction & Scaffolding Accidents

If you have been injured in a construction accident or fallen from a ladder or scaffold, you must speak to an experienced personal injury trial attorney who can investigate the cause of your construction site accident, work with the necessary experts, and litigate your personal injury claim to trial against all the parties that may be responsible for your personal injuries.

Common causes of construction site personal injuries include:

  • • Not having the proper size or type of ladder
  • • nsufficient or defective scaffold
  • • No safety lines or tie offs
  • • Lack of helmets or goggles
  • • Ladders that break
  • • Not shoring the sides of an excavation
  • • Failing to turn off the electrical power
  • • Failing to mark power sources
  • • Failing to barricade or secure openings
  • • Failing to institute and implement site safety plans
  • • Failing to clear debris from the work site
  • • Dangerous equipment and tools without safety guards.

Any worker injured while performing certain types of labor in construction, demolition, or excavation is protected by the New York State Labor Law and New York State Industrial Code. They may have a viable claim for personal injuries against the property owner, property manager, construction manager, general contractor or any sub-contractor that has control over the work site. Unfortunately, many property owners and contractors worry more about their bottom line and making a profit than they do the hard working men and women on the job site at risk of personal injury by failing to provide the necessary safety equipment or following proper safety guidelines.

Construction site accidents involving violations of work site safety rules often result in devastating and life altering personal injuries. These significant personal injuries often result in years of pain and suffering, require extensive medical care and result in the loss of the worker’s wages and benefits. The Noll Law Firm, P.C. has successfully prosecuted these personal injury claims to ensure that an injured worker is fairly compensated for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, and loss of wages and benefits. We also work closely with dedicated workers’ compensation, long term disability, and union benefits attorneys to ensure your financial stability in this difficult time.

An aggressive stance must be taken against the corporate defendants and their insurance companies involved in these claims. Early and thorough investigation, exhaustive and diligent discovery, and the use of proper experts are requirements for success in construction site accident cases. The trial attorneys at The Noll Law Firm, P.C. will take every step necessary to achieve success on your construction site personal injury claim.


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