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Municipal Accident

When one walks the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots of New York and Long Island, they may be walking on property owned by the city or town. Like any other property owner, municipalities are responsible to keep their property reasonably clear of hazards, including:

  • Snow, Ice, Water
  • Oil
  • Cracks and Potholes

If any property owner knew or should have known about a hazardous condition, they can be held responsible for damages based on negligence. Municipalities are no different. The Noll Law Firm, P.C. acts quickly in your stead in order to document the hazard and other evidence to prove that your slip and fall accident was because of their inaction or negligence. The firm works with professionals, including engineers, to make sure the responsible parties are held liable.

First steps after a slip and fall

First thing you should do when you have had a slip and fall accident is seek medical attention. Seeking medical attention is important because it accesses your medical condition shortly after the incident. Not only does it document your injury, but the time and place of said injury. If you are physically able, document your surroundings. Note the time and place, what made you fall, and any contact information for witnesses. If possible, take a picture of what made you fall. With weather-related hazards, conditions can change by the hour, so documenting the scene as soon as possible is highly recommended.

Burden of proof

Similar to other slip and fall accidents, the burden of proof is on the victim. This means that you, as the accuser, must overwhelmingly demonstrate to the court that the negligence of a property owner directly caused your injuries. In this case, the municipality knew or should have reasonably known about the hazard that caused your injury. As stated earlier, documenting the scene of the incident is very important. If you are not able to document the scene because of your medical condition, contact The Noll Law Firm, P.C. to swiftly act on your behalf.

What makes municipalities different?

The state of New York waived “sovereign immunity”, which prevents the city and state from being sued. With their consent, the city and state of New York allows people to file claims of injury and recover damages. When someone needs to sue a city or town in New York, they have strict guidelines to follow that differentiate it from regular property owners injury claims. One must file a Notice of Claim within 90 days of the injury. The city or state will then request a hearing where the victim testifies under oath. Once completed, the victim has 1 year and 90 days to sue the city.

Contact a firm that acts swiftly

The Noll Law Firm, P.C. is ready to act. With the persistence and diligence clients expect, the firm will work tirelessly to assist you in your municipal slip and fall incident. Our experienced attorneys know New York laws and understand the strict guidelines one must abide by in order to recover damages from a municipality. Gathering the evidence and the statute of limitations make this legal matter time-sensitive. Contact us as soon as possible so that we may offer you a tenacious and unyielding representation.


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