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Paying Bills While You Wait

    Way too often, people who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, also suffer devastating financial stress. For those who have been seriously injured and can no longer work, making even a modest co-payment to their medical provider can be impossible. And what happens if your health insurance refuses to cover certain therapies and treatments? One major reason to seek compensation for injuries is to make sure you have the money you may need in the future to fully recover.

    This financial stress sometimes can make the injured party return to work before he/she is medically ready, or rush to settle a case for far less than it is worth. There are other options.

    Speak With Your Attorney . . .
    Your personal injury attorney, no doubt, has seen this scenario play out many times before. He or she may suggest a medical lien.

    Basically, you would have to speak with your health care provider about waiting to get paid until after your case resolves. Should he/she agree to this, that is a medical lien. Your medical expenses then will be deducted from your final compensation, and sent directly to your doctor(s). Many doctors and other health care providers who treat injured patients routinely go along with this payment option, and that will eliminate a great deal of stress in your life, as well as allow you to get the medical care that you sorely need.

    If a medical lien is not possible, you might consider a lawsuit settlement loan. This works almost like a line of credit or a credit card, so keep in mind that you would have to shop around for the best rates. The upside is that should you choose this option, you can continue with your medical care, and plan to pay the entire loan once your case settles. Although a medical lien is preferable, a loan still is better than foregoing much-needed treatment. Remember that treating for your injuries not only helps you to recover, but also strengthens your personal injury case.

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