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Riding The Bus May Be Hazardous

    In New York, mass transit is a convenient, economical and environmentally smart way of getting around. On any given day, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers board trains, subways and buses to get to work, get to school, or just to get somewhere quickly. However, no system is fool-proof. And when you board a bus that typically travels in high traffic areas, there always is a risk of an accident. Your best defense? Pay attention and try, to the extent that you can, to minimize any injuries that may result.

    Most times, despite what looks and feels like close calls, people get to where they want to go unscathed. But, buses do have collisions with other vehicles on the road due to bad weather, another driver’s recklessness, bad road conditions, or simply bad driving on the part of the bus driver. Another potential accident might arise from the bus driver dropping off passengers on parts of the route that are not safe. For instance, high traffic areas or uneven road conditions may cause a passenger to get hit by another vehicle or to fall on the pavement. In those instances, the bus driver may be negligent.

    If something like that ever happens to you, remember that you may have a personal injury claim. You may also have a personal injury claim if the Transportation Authority did not properly maintain the vehicle, or failed to adequately train its driver. But navigating this trail is a difficult and winding road.

    No-fault medical insurance, for example, has very specific rules for filing claims that result from bus accidents. And when the bus is owned by a municipality, let’s just say they don’t make it easy. Much like insurance companies, municipalities are not necessarily on your side.

    There are detailed, sometimes convoluted Notice of Claim requirements that you are expected to follow before bringing your personal injury claim. That is why it is vital to retain a law firm with in-depth knowledge of the whole process to represent your interests.

    So, while riding the bus makes a lot of sense in a crowded, bustling metropolitan area, so does arming yourself with information in the event of an accident that results in your personal injury. Remember, you have a right to seek compensation if you prove that bus accident happened due to negligence on the part of the driver, the bus company or the municipality. But, there may be multiple parties at fault – it’s complicated. And, if you miss the filing deadlines, you also will miss your chance for any compensation and be forced to live with the consequences.

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