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Safety Equipment

Working in the construction industry can be a dangerous job. Fortunately, labor laws require employers, general contractors, and other parties to require safety equipment and proper tools that keep employees safe from hazards. Depending on the job, some safety equipment may include:

  • – Helmets
  • – Safety glasses or face shields
  • – Correct gloves for the specific job
  • – High-visibility clothing

OSHA Explained

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) oversees regulations, workers’ rights, safety complaints, and enforcement of labor laws. OSHA states that employers have the legal responsibility to provide a workplace free from recognizable hazards and comply with OSH Act that puts forth rules and regulations to protect workers. OSHA requires employers to make sure employees have and are using safety equipment. Other responsibilities employers have under the OSH Act include, but are not limited to:

  • – Posting visual aids to warn employees of potential hazards
  • – Examining of worksites for hazards and fixing those hazards
  • – Providing safety training in a language workers understand
  • – Posting the OSHA poster in a visible and prominent location

Sometimes, a negligent party will offer faulty safety equipment or nothing at all, putting employees at risk of bodily harm. Working at a height, workers should use safety equipment like harnesses, safety railings, ladders, scaffolds, and safety netting when applicable. When these and other forms of safety equipment are not used or offered, everyone is at risk.

Your Rights to Recover Damages

If you have been injured due to a lack of safety equipment, the wrong safety equipment, or faulty equipment, you may be able to recover damages based on the negligence of your employer or a third- party. In the case of your employer, Workers’ Compensation covers the financial burden of the injury and is paid through the employer’s insurance company. In the case of third-party neglect, you may have to sue for damages. If your Workers’ Compensation covers your medical bills, you may be responsible to pay back your employer for some of the recovered damages as they supported you in the stead of someone else’s negligence.

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