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Safety Strategies to Stay Safe This Winter

    Most will limit the amount of time they spend going out bad weather conditions whenever possible. If you must go out, however, there are some important safety strategies you should remember:

    -Reduce ice time. Limit the amount of time that you might spend walking across ice. This means, walk on grass or snow whenever possible. Similarly, you should make sure to immediately remove snow on any areas where you frequently travel before it has the potential to become ice.

    -Wear footwear with plenty of traction. If you are traveling on snow, you should make sure to wear footwear with either neoprene or rubber soles, which provides much better traction than other shoe material.

    -Walk consciously. Always remain alert to the risk of slipping on ice at any second. Avoid the temptation to hurry anywhere instead, travel slowly with your weight kept forward on your front foot. Also walk flat-footed by taking short, shuffling steps.

    -Walk cautiously. Rely on your arms to keep your balance. This means keeping your hands out of your pocket. Also avoid carrying a heavy load, which can cause you to lose your balance.

    -Handle curbs properly. If your path involves a curb, you should step down rather than out. Practice this with caution while you’re entering and exiting a vehicle.

    Keep your knees slightly bent. Rather than walk with an upright, stiffened posture, you should keep your knees slightly bent. It’s much safer to spread your feet out slightly like a penguin as you walk across the ice, increasing your center of gravity.

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