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Showdown With A Semi

    You don’t have to imagine, since we have all been there. It’s a rainy night, with low visibility, and suddenly (at least it seems that way) a multi-ton semi-trailer barrels up behind you. The road is narrow, and you have nowhere to go. Nor can you go any faster under the circumstances.

    Just one short stop could spell trouble for you and your passengers. So, you trod on, maintaining a safe speed which apparently is not fast enough for the large vehicle behind you. But, what if you have to stop short? What if, in your desire to put some distance between your car and the tractor trailer tailgating you, you skid? What then?

    Although operators of oversized vehicles have an obligation to obey the rules of the road, sometimes they act as if they own it, instead. And when it comes to “match-ups,” too often that sedan or minivan has little chance of sustaining an accident with a big rig. Unfortunately, that can mean devastating injury to the driver of the car – something I have seen many times in my practice.

    I have had clients who have been in rehabilitation for many months; I have had clients with severe brain trauma or spinal cord injuries and are never the same; worse, though, I have had clients whose family members sustained fatal injuries. It is difficult enough coming to terms with the physical and emotional effects associated with these injuries. And often victims of this type of personal injury do not immediately consider the financial impact they will yet face.

    However, if you’ve been injured in an accident with an oversized vehicle such as a big rig or semi trailer, you very well may be entitled to recover compensation for vast medical bills as well as lost wages – especially if you need intense rehabilitation that can last months or even years. Remember also that sometimes you may sustain injuries from a truck collision that causes permanent damage and renders you unemployable for years or forever.

    When it comes to choosing a personal in
    jury firm for such an accident, make sure to choose one with many years of experience. Additionally, try to insure that the law firm you select has intimate knowledge of the federal and state regulations governing the conduct of truckers.

    Your personal injury attorney should make sure that the negligent trucker as well as the company he or she works for is held accountable for your personal injuries. While nothing can be done to assuage your pain, suffering, and financial difficulties, a personal injury lawsuit may help you gain a sense of closure or peace of mind.

    Should you or someone you know become injured due to the negligence of a trucker, contact The Noll Law Firm for an assessment of your case.

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