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Navigating the sidewalks, parking facilities, and streets of Long Island and New York can be treacherous. One may sustain a devastating personal injury just by walking down their own street. When someone is injured because of a slip and fall accident, their livelihood may be at stake. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident due to someone else’s negligence, we will aggressively seek the damages you deserve. Our experienced Long Island attorneys are ready to serve clients with a committed and unyielding representation that produces results. Whether you are the victim of a sidewalk, parking lot, or snow and ice accident, call us today.

Municipal Accidents

When one walks the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots of New York and Long Island, they may be walking on property owned by the city or town. Like any other property owner, municipalities are responsible for keeping their property reasonably clear of hazards, including snow, ice, water, oil or other slippery substances, and cracks, depressions, and potholes. If any property owner knew or should have known about a hazardous condition, they can be held responsible for damages based on negligence. Municipalities are no different.

Parking Lot Accidents

New York and Long Island parking lots and parking garages give easy access to schools, office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, airports, and many other commercial, public, and private properties. Property owners are legally responsible for keeping all parking areas reasonably safe. This means that the owners regularly inspect the surface of the parking areas for anything that can cause a parking lot accident. If a property owner had notice or should have known about the condition, they can be held liable for your injuries. You may also be able to recover for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and legal fees.

Sidewalk Accidents

The sidewalks of New York City and Long Island can be dangerous to navigate. The condition of sidewalks can make for a treacherous situation that can lead to serious injury. Sidewalk conditions and negligence from property owners are just a few of the factors that lead to a sidewalk accident and can result in injuries such as concussions, herniated disks, and bone fractures. Many of the injuries that occur on sidewalks can lead to unforeseen medical complications and the possible financial burdens brought on by medical bills and lost wages.

Snow & Ice Accidents

Snow and ice cause dangerous conditions on the walkways of New York and Long Island. In winter and early spring, the weather is unpredictable and it comes with the pitfalls of dangerous surfaces. Pedestrians are at risk when walking the sidewalks and streets of New York cities and towns after inclement weather. One can sustain a myriad of personal injuries that can physically and financially affect their life for years. Property owners are responsible for keeping surfaces reasonably clear of snow and ice in order to protect pedestrians.

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