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The Loss Of A Loved One

    Certainly, we all know and have experienced the loss of a loved one from old age or illness that takes him or her from us far too soon. Coping with
    such a loss is overwhelming, and acceptance, no matter how old your loved one was, is never an easy process.

    And although it is never easy to accept loss, it is even more difficult to accept the loss of a loved one that occurred because of negligence; because someone or some entity did something reckless or did not do something to avoid being reckless. When that act of recklessness causes the injury or death of an individual,
    his or her family may indeed have cause to hold the appropriate person, people or organization accountable.

    It is called “wrongful death.”

    Beyond the tragic loss of the person you love, is the very real prospect of financial devastation, family disruption, and emotional turmoil that comes with the reality that your loved one’s death did not have to be. Rather, his or her death was the result of an action of lack thereof that could have prevented the tragedy.

    Although never a replacement for the person you love, there well may be compensation available that is much-needed for funeral expenses, medical
    bills before death, income, pension benefits, and future loss of wages – all things that the average family will likely face, particularly when the individual who died was a primary wage earner with dependent children.

    Additionally, there may be compensation or “damages” available due to this wrongful death which includes pain and suffering, love, support, care, comfort or loss of enjoyment of life.

    Again, no amount of money can ever really make up for the tragic loss of a loved one, but this type of compensation serves two purposes: first, it helps families and individuals left behind with the realities of life; and second, it is punitive towards the negligent party or parties, and perhaps serves as a serious lesson learned.

    What Does A Wrongful Death Case Entail?

    A wrongful death case often is quite complicated. Even after proving negligence, there are other pertinent issues that need to be addressed.
    An experienced personal injury attorney will have in his or her circle highly qualified accountants, estate attorneys, and financial planners that can assist families as they try to put their lives back together.

    The Noll Law Firm has significant experience
    in this area of personal injury, and offers free
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