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The Truth, The whole Truth And Nothing But…

    From the very moment you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you must try hard to remember every detail of the accident, gather witnesses, if you are physically able, call the police, then seek out an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. At every step in this process, one of the most important things you need to do is tell the truth. An injury that warrants a possible lawsuit needs no embellishment. Nor does it need you to be stoic and withhold important details of what transpired. The truth and nothing but the truth is crucial to your case.

    When you meet with your attorney, it is especially critical to give him or her every detail of the accident as you honestly remember it. If you cannot remember everything, just tell her those
    facts that are clear to you. A good personal injury attorney has solid investigative skills, and usually can fill in the blanks where your memory falters. It is not helpful to your case if your attorney proceeds with the facts as you give them, only to find out much later in the process that one of those facts is wrong or untrue. Worse even, is when the opposing counsel points this out. This could harm your credibility and adversely affect the outcome of your case.

    When You Testify Or Give A Deposition . . .

    If you do not understand a question or cannot remember an answer, it is especially important for you to say simply, “I do not remember.” No one can be expected to remember every detail, particularly when injured in an accident. Also keep in mind that you should never offer more information than you are asked to provide. If you are testifying and your attorney feels she wants you to elaborate, she will let you know.

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