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What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Hit & Run

    First, you must make sure the accident is reported to the police. Then, like you would in any other accident, attend to your health. If you are able, make sure there is an emergency medical team there to make sure you are alright and that you are in stable condition. If you can, take note of any witnesses to the accident and try to get their names and contact information.

    After you are stable, make sure to let your own insurance company know what happened. If you obtain the license plate number of the driver who hit you and took off, be sure to give it to the police.

    If you have the presence of mind, try to remember what the vehicle that hit you looked like – color, make, model – any details you can take note of will be helpful later on.

    When an individual has been injured in a serious hit and run accident, it can be a very emotional experience. Many times, your judgment as well as your perception of exactly what happened during the accident can be affected. That is why the best person to discuss the accident with always is your attorney. He or she can help you to sort through the details, and focus only on the facts of the case.

    What Compensation Can I Expect?

    If you have insurance, you will be covered under No-Fault insurance. If the individual or entity that injured you is unknown, thus uninsured, you then may be able to obtain compensation underNew York laws. Recoverable damages include pain and suffering; medical expenses; and wage loss in excess of the No-Fault payments.

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