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When OSHA Regulations Are Ignored

    In 2020, alone, private industry employers reported 129,000 non-fatal work-place injuries and illnesses in New York State, according to the 

    Bureau of Labor Statistics. This, despite specific labor laws requiring employers, general contractors, and other related parties to utilize safety equipment, procedures and proper tools aimed at one thing: keeping employees safe from workplace hazards. 

    Much depends upon the type of job, but some OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) required safety equipment may include: 


    •Safety glasses or face shields 

    •Correct gloves for the specific job 

    •High-visibility clothing

    OSHA, under the OSH Act, also requires employers to: 

    •Post visual aids, warning employees of potential hazards 

    •Examine work sites for hazards, and then repair those hazards 

    •Provide safety training in a language under- stood by workers 

    •Display the OSHA poster in a visible and prominent location 

    OSHA oversees regulations, workers’ rights, safety complaints, and enforces labor laws. However, regardless of the regulations, too many employers are negligent about following the safety protocol. That results in putting employees at grave risk of bodily harm. For instance, when working at heights, workers should be using safety equipment such as harnesses, safety railings, ladders, scaffolds and safety nets, when appropriate. Absent these precautions, people get hurt and employers should be held responsible. 

    If you have been injured due to negligence in the workplace, you may be able to recover damages based on the negligence of your employer. In the case of your employer, Workers’ Compensation covers the financial burden of the injury and is paid through the employer’s insurance company. If your Workers’ Compensation covers your medical bills, you may be responsible to pay back your employer for some of the recovered damages. 

    In the event of third-party negligence, you may have to sue for damages. 

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